Would You Get Hand Surgery for a Selfie?

Wedding season is in the air! It’s also the time when people tend to get engaged. This is a wonderful time for couples who are about to start their lives together, and they want to let everyone know and share their happiness. In this generation (and probably future generations), friends and distant family find out about an engagement through social media.

The iconic photos of a hand perfectly placed in the Instagram square with hashtags like, “#ISaidYes”, “#IDo”, and “#PutARingOnIt” to follow has become a common occurrence. engagement ring selfie hand lift surgery However, the rise in selfie popularity has caused people to become increasingly insecure, even with the slightest details, including insecurities about their hands. Hands usually show the first signs of aging since, naturally, they hold less fat and can appear bony, wrinkled, and prominent veins can show up over time.

Thank goodness for great Instagram filters like Mayfair, Lo-Fi, Sutro, and, everyone’s favorite, Valencia that are able to smooth out most of the wrinkles and make your hands look model-esque.

On the other hand (pun intended), young ladies are going to extremes to have the perfect engagement hand selfie and opting for a hand lift. Since the rapid growth of social media sites, the percentage of hand lift patients has gone up 40%. The procedure involves injecting Juvederm into the hand, which smooths out wrinkles and plumps them almost instantly, making hands appear younger. The cost is $1200, takes only 10 minutes to do, and last 9+ months. Unlike Botox, Juvederm doesn’t freeze the muscles so movement is normal; it simply adds volume. engagement ring hand selfie Now, the question: are girls getting this done before or after the proposal? Some people believe girls are getting hand lifts around the time they suspect their boyfriends might be proposing due to his behavior.Then again, there might be some girls who might put off posting a photo of her hand selfie until she has had her hand lift done.

Either way, it seems like hand lifts and hand selfies are here to stay! What do you think about hand lifts? When do you think girls are getting the procedure done?

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